Wednesday, 5 February 2014

January favourites

Hi all! January seems to have been a very long month this year - I personally can't wait for spring and a time when it is light past 5pm. I am also skint as long evenings cooped up indoors call for one thing: online shopping! (bad, very bad). Anyway, on with my January favourites...

Stila smudge pots gel eyeliner in Jade
I apologise that this post may seem a little Stila and eye product heavy but I can never resist a January sale, and Stila had a good one. These are back on the website for £13 but I picked mine up for just under £4, a saving of £9 - not too shabby! I did a thick line on the swatches so you can see what a gorgeous colour it is - a proper olive green, with fantastic staying power: it always manages a hectic 7+ hour day (even if I don't). If I had the money I would buy this in all the colours.

MUA gel eyeliner brush E4
Until recently this had been kicking around in my make-up bag forgotten - not any more! It is perfect for gel eyeliner and also very cheap for a decent quality brush, I have not yet experienced any shedding and it must be over a year old. The lid also means the bust doesn't go really stiff or need washing every time (I am way too lazy for that). I like MUA for cheap make-up and have a huge collection of their lipsticks, as well as a few other brushes.

Stila smudge stick waterproof eyeliner in Stargazer
I got a set of five of these in the sale for around £6.50 which makes them just over £1 each! Though none of the colours I have are sold separately anymore on the website this looks very similar to Stingray. It is slightly sparkly but can be worn in a thin line in daytime and look nice and really like most black eyeliners but with a bit of a kick. These last very well even when exercising. The only thing I don't like about these is the packaging does let them down slightly as at first I thought they were all broken as I had to twist for ages to get any product.

Stila sparkle waterproof eyeliner in Sequins
When my beloved one of these in 'Starry' ran out I got myself down to boots sharpish to get another - and picked this up by mistake. This is slightly darker as it is black rather than dark grey but I honestly can't really tell the difference on the eyes. I tend to wear this now for going out as it is comparably a lot sparklier than Stargazer and at £14 it is kind of a special product I can't really afford to replace if I run out (and there is less than a third left). It also has great staying power and creates a lovely smooth line.

Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick in Chilli
These are my favourite lipsticks of all time; soft, moisturising, gorgeous colours, change from £10 - what more could you want? This is a gorgeous darkish red with gold running through it that makes it much more flattering than a normal red. With my fair complexion I can't really pull off bright red, but being slightly darker this is still vibrant yet very flattering. I also have 'Firefly' which is a lovely everyday berry-ish pink which is somehow almost neutral.

Benefit high beam highlighter
Yes this is a tiny pot- I got it in a set for christmas which had miniatures of this, posie tint, hoola, they're real and the porefessional. This is one thing I was itching to try but always scared I would buy and not use, so a sample was perfect. I love it! I put some on my cheekbones, cupids bow and a teeny bit on my forehead and down my nose. It gives a lovely natural glow where light would naturally hit and really brightens up the complexion. I love how it does not contain glitter like many others so looks much more natural.

Balmi Lip balm in Coconut
I got this when buying things in the boots sale as it had £2 off making it a very affordable £2.99, however I would happily pay £4.99 for it. It is lovely and moisturising and almost slightly oily when first put on (which is a good thing, honestly!) and has a lovely coconut taste without being overpowering. My only gripe is the lid is useless so it is really only good for home use as in my bag I am sure it would just fall off.

Moroccanoil Treatment
I am sure this needs no introduction as I have seen it everywhere on the internet. Around 5 months ago I caved and bought a 25ml bottle from feel unique, and I am so glad. I am trying to grow my very thick curly hair and it gets very dry, but this really helps to add moisture and keep the ends looking nice and not dry. It helps prevent breakage so helps hair to grow. My hair has grown about 2 inches since having this which for me is a lot for 5 months.I also love the smell - kind of a grannyish(!?) rose-ish floral scent but in a good way, although I know a lot of people are not keen.

Barry M Matte Nail Paint Black
Barry M do some of my favourite nail varnishes and I love this for winter. Cheap, opaque after 2 coats and it stays on for a good few days but does lose its matte-ness after around 3 days so I tend to redo it then.

Body Shop coconut body mist
I think Body Shop are so underrated, especially their perfumes. This is £7.50 for 100ml which lasts ages, and they often have 35-40 percent off and other discounts which mean these are often under £5. I love most of the scents but especially coconut, brazil nut and pink grapefruit. They may seem summery but I think they are lovely year-round. 

L-R: Stila eyeliner in Stargazer, Stila eyeliner in Sequins, Stila Jade smudge pot, Max Factor lipstick in Chilli, Benefit high beam swatched, and blended.
I hope you enjoyed this post. Please comment below, and tell me if you have done a January favourites I will go and check it out!
Hazel x


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